Saturday, January 16, 2010


i love quoatations very much...heheh
i do not know why..but it comes naturally

for me it motivates yourself.. propel yourself to do something better, to appretiate life...appreciate people around you...and the most important thing appreciate yourself

i believe that everybody is matter how clumsy u ar, no matter how short u matter how tall u ar, or no matter how unpredictable u ar..huhu

no one is me in this world, a part from myself...

ok.. i have some quotations to share with u

dont judge people, unless u wore his or her shoe and try to walk 2 miles....

life without friends like death without witness,

ilmu itu didatangi, bukan mendatangi...

ok..thats all....bye..bye is complicated but no matter how hard it must go on.....huhuhu

About Me

nothing nothing nothing extraordinary..hehe..just a simple person..i m trying my best to be myself..alhamdulillah~ currently doing medicine in czech republik~